Saturday, May 28, 2016

Smaster's Technique- Consistently Awesome Hair Technique...

Smaster's type styling is where you add product after diffusing or air drying part of the way. Most people use wet/damp hands before adding more product to prevent frizz. The say do this and the magic happens, spirals appear everywhere! It also breaks up the gel cast without frizzing, allowing the hair to be exposed to air and dry faster.

You put half of your hair product in, dry it halfway, then add the other half. For instance, half of your gel, dry it halfway, then add curl enhancer for the other half. Or you can try using all your product and styling as normal, drying halfway, and then adding a tiny bit of curl enhancer, gel, or kccc. That is what I did here. I styled as normal, then added a little bit of AIA curling jelly with damps hands. Look at these awesome spirals for just sitting in the hooded dryer a few minutes then air drying the rest of the way. I never get this much without diffusing.

Here's my video demo of the method:

These are the threads where I learned about the technique:

This is the blog where I learned about it:


  1. Could you tell me what type of products and in which order is best for this method? I did this yesterday and loved the results but I think the way I added the gel was wrong. I used wet hands but I have major crunch at some parts of my roots I cant scrunch out. I put in kckt as my leave in on hair straight out of the shower and then I added my gel. I started diffusing and the with wet hands I applied more gel. I would like to use a curl enhancer like you say but what is an example of that? Would a curling custard work well?

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